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Submit a SQL/ADQL query to the Data Central database server

Return records that match some criteria from the catalogues hosted at Data Central. If you are logged in, your query will be saved.

Give a meaningful title to your query that will help you identify it at a later date.

Add notes to describe your ADQL/SQL and the results. You may come back to this in 6 months time, it pays to be detailed!

Valid ADQL/SQL. Check the schema browser for table and column names.

Add this request to the queue. Data Central will process your request in the background and send an email (if provided) when the query has finished.

If "Add to the queue" is checked, receive an email when the query has finished. If this is left blank and "Add to the queue" is checked, you will need to make a note of the request id manually in order to visit the results.

Writing a valid query

You can submit valid SQL or ADQL to the Data Central database server (view the documentation to browse the supported ADQL functions).

When constructing SQL/ADQL, it is important to adopt the correct syntax. Tables are addressed in the form:

with a dot (.) as the delimiter.

You can find the correct name for each table and column in the Schema Browser below (see the name field). For example, the GalacticExtinction table from the InputCat group from the GAMA second data release is addressed as:

Do not include the group name as part of your query. There are dozens of tables from multiple surveys in the Data Central database, Groups are used to collect scientifically-related tables together, in order to help the user locate the correct table more quickly. However, the group name is not needed when addressing the table in SQL.
 SELECT t0.CATAID, t0.DEC, t0.EBV, t0.RA
 FROM gama_dr2.GalacticExtinction as t0
 SELECT t0.CATAID, t0.DEC, t0.EBV, t0.RA
 FROM gama_dr2.InputCat.GalacticExtinction as t0
Identifiers (table names, columns) must not start with a digit; surround the identifier with double quotes as per:
 SELECT * from “2dfgrs_fdr_dc”.dcphot_all limit 20;
How do I download a complete table in fits / VOTable / LaTeX / csv format?

The SQL to return all columns and rows from a table is:

SELECT * FROM <group.table> 
SELECT * FROM sami_dr2.StellarKinematics 

You will be able to select the format you'd like to download the results in (csv/ascii (tab-separated)/fits/VOTable/LaTeX etc) on the results page.


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